With integrated multi-disciplinary expertise, Revelare and its subsidiaries deliver value-for-money outcomes at the highest standard of quality.

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The only 100% Australian-owned, full-service spatial intelligence company.

Revelare combines trusted and respected Australian companies with expertise in the hydrospatial, geospatial and data analytics domains to generate a full spectrum spatial intelligence capability.

We offer world-class survey data collection across the marine and land domains, with integrated capability to bridge the coastal zone between the two.

We build on our survey capability with cloud and industrial control expertise to disseminate data to clients and reach inside facilities for asset management, control, automation and monitoring .


Photomapping is the longest running Australian owned aerial survey company and uses fixed-wing aircraft fitted with the latest LiDAR and imaging systems to create accurate and precise ortho-imagery, topography and bathymetry data. Using smart people and scalable cloud-based processing, Photomapping offers exceptional value for money to customers across local, state and federal government, natural resources and infrastructure sectors.


Revelare Systems (formally Alidade Hydrographic) has been delivering geospatial data analysis, software engineering and system integration expertise to the hydrographic survey industry since incorporation in 2012. Revelare Systems now offers world leading expertise in the design and implementation of public cloud infrastructure for geospatial data processing, storage and delivery, and integrates industrial control and automation capability to build smart sensors and interactive digital twin frameworks via the cloud. 

We pride ourselves on being leaders in safety, technology, and sustainability.


petabytes of geospatial data collected and processed in the cloud


geospatial imagery and elevation coverage per year


government and commercial clients supplied and supported with geospatial data, cloud and automation services

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